Drawing Errors

These notes have been sent in from other builders of Suzanne. We cannot guarantee that they are correct.

Position 2. Distance Plate Drawing No 5 for mounting item Position 3 Side Frame. Drawing No 6 is incorrectly dimensioned. Working to the dimensions shown item Position 3 would be 2mm below the foot of item Position 2. On Drawing No 5 the dimension on the Distance Plate of 17mm needs to be changed to 25mm.

There is no dimension shown on Drawing 6 for the distance between the centre line of the crank shaft to the underside of the base plate (Position 1 Drawing 4). This is 40mm.

Position 1 Base Plate Drawing 4. The 6mm hole for the exhaust pipe is in the wrong place. It ends up under the cylinder and needs to be run differently.

A number of people seem to have removed the main crankshaft bearing housing from Position 3 Side Frame Drawing 6, and made a separate set. The reason for this is that it is easier to set the crankshaft in the correct position.

Most people have used the alternative timing gear that we supply on a separate sheet as drawn by Martin McKee.


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