Johnson Matthey Silver-Flo No. 24 - 1.5mm Diameter x 600mm Long - 1 Stick

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Johnson Matthey Product

Product Specification
Product Specification

Silver-flo™ 24

Silver-flo™ 24 is a high melting point cadmium free silver brazing filler metal. It has a high melting temperature (740 to 800°C) with a medium length melting range of 60°C providing medium flow properties when molten. The high brazing temperature of the filler metal makes it less easy to use than the high silver content alloys.
It is used as the first alloy in a two-step silver brazing operation, where the second joint is made with Silver-flo™ 55 . This step brazing process is used by model engineers to manufacture boilers and components for model steam engines. Optimum joint gaps at brazing temperature are 0.075-0.2mm

Note: Approx. max temp of gas flame without oxygen is 800°C. It may be difficult to get the work hot enough for this product unless it is well insulated

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