Bar Length

Please note that when you add any bar material to the shopping cart, you are adding in units of 12" (unless it is specifically sold per inch)

The check box for 'How we supply the material' is simply so that you can request that we cut the total amount bought as 24" lengths

Therefore if you add Quantity 6 to the cart but request 24" lengths, you will get 3 x 24" lengths. ie the 6 foot that you have bought, cut and supplied as 24" lengths.

If you add Quantity 5 to the cart but request 24" lengths then you will get 2 x 24" lengths and 1 x 12"

Why have we done this? rather than just listing 12" and 24" separately?

Because it allows us to use the website to control stock quantity which means you can see at the time of purchase if we actually have the item you are buying, in stock.

Many mail order businesses take orders without having the stock 'on the shelf'.  You then wait a very long time, or receive only part of your order.

If you look at a product page you will see the product code just under the price, and then the quantity in stock just under that.

If the stock is zero, then you can leave us a message on the product screen to let you know when the item is back in stock.

A few items (mainly some castings) are not routinely stocked, but will state that they are available for back order.
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